Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue Streetscape Project


For more information on the streetscape project, please visit the City of Coral Gables’ website: www.coralgables.com/streetscape

For more information on the Business Improvement District’s streetscape history, please visit: www.shopcoralgables.com/streetscape

Brief History

• In 2002 a Charette takes place and sets a broad vision for downtown Coral Gables including a general Streetscape re-design. More than 1,500 people join 50-plus designers in the five days of meetings, design sessions and presentations.
• After that the BID formed a Streetscape Committee comprised of various members including city, Chamber, architects, urban planners and UM Faculty. Shop model – storefront, hallway, outdoor dining and parking. 50/50 rule. Modeled after Exxon Provence in France.
In 2009 the BID set forth a vison and conceptual design for downtown Coral Gables. And made it its top priority for the last seven years.
• On August 2014, The City Commission approved and developed a financing plan and assessment methodology, agreed by property owners, for the improvement project.
• In 2015 award-winning architectural and urban design firm of NY based Cooper, Robertson and Partners was contracted for this project.
• Jan 2016 Commission approved construction documents and entering into a contract with the CMAR/Ric-Man
• For almost 20 years, the BID has been honored to have been an integral part of the community, with the central mission of promoting commercial vitality on Miracle Mile and throughout Downtown Coral Gables. Today, the BID continues to fulfill its mission and vision with initiatives such as the $21 million Streetscape Project for Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue, scheduled to break ground in 2016, will take 18 to 24 months to complete.

What does the Streetscape project entail?
The design of the Streetscape Project will provide wider sidewalks, public art displays and open plaza areas along Miracle Mile to create a pedestrian friendly area and encourage more foot traffic. During certain times of the day and night, bollards along Giralda Plaza will be placed making it a pedestrian-only zone. The streets along Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue will feature improved urban lighting, tree grates, benches, kiosks, better signage for businesses and parking garages, more welcoming connections to garages and alleyways. The Streetscape Project also includes bringing the sidewalks to grade and will improve water drainage into the city’s existing drains.

When does the project begin?
Preliminary work has begun on the $21.6 million Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue Streetscape Project that promises to transform the heart of Downtown into a vibrant world-class destination. In late February, crews will begin pruning and removing unhealthy trees, and water mains will be replaced in April/May after business hours for minimal impact. Major construction work is scheduled to start in June with the installation of pavers in half-block increments to minimize disruption to merchants and customers.

How long will it take for the project to be completed?
Construction is expected to start in June of 2016 and will last approximately 18 months. Giralda being one block will take approximately 4 months.

How much will it cost and who will pay?
It will cost $21.6 million for both Streetscape projects, one for Miracle Mile and another for Giralda Avenue.

The City of Coral Gables will pay 50% through a low interest General Obligation Bond. Property owners will be assessed 50 percent of the cost spread over a 20-year period. Payments will be deferred during the 2 year construction phase. Pre-payment options were made available to property owners.

Why is the Streetscape Project important to downtown Coral Gables and its businesses and residents?
These improvements will increase property values in the Downtown Coral Gables area and create an economic boom for the area, which will benefit commercial property owners, merchants and residents in the area. Quality of life will also be greatly enhanced through the enhanced amenities being offered and pedestrian friendly atmosphere.

• Staging will be sensitive to merchants
• Businesses will not need to close during construction
• Installation of temporary way finding signs
• Collaborating with BID on a parking awareness campaign
• Commitment to celebrate milestones, and to promote awareness, and excitement
• 24/7 hotline will be available
• Website and communication efforts are underway

Centralized Valet
The BID is also working to educate the public about Miracle Mile’s longstanding centralized valet parking system, which will play an essential role during the construction phase of the Streetscape project. This centralized parking system allows you to drop off your car at one of five valet stations on Miracle Mile and pick up your car at the station of your choice. The five locations of the valet stations are: between Hillstone’s and JohnMartin’s, in front of Tarpon Bend, between Benihana and Ortanique, between Morton’s and Ale House, and in front of Seasons 52. In 2014 alone, centralized valet moved approximately 58,000 cars off of Miracle Mile leaving the coveted on-street spaces open for short-term parkers. Once Streetscape is completed, the use of the centralized valet parking system will be enhanced and expanded allowing visitors to drop off their car at any of the valet stations within the Business Improvement District and retrieve it from the station of their choice.

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