Unique Gifts for Mom You’ll Find in Coral Gables


Unique Gifts for Mom You’ll Find in Coral Gables - Miracle Mile

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, there’s almost certain to be a mad scramble for the perfect gift, something which combines thoughtfulness with appreciation, and maybe a hint of apology for all the stress we’ve given them over the years. 

Yes, there’s certain to be a nice meal, and maybe going out to catch a movie, but if you’re dying for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts, we are here to help you out!

For the Kitchen

Let’s face it, the center of any good home is the kitchen.  Families eat there, problems are discussed there, news and gossip get shared there.  So what could possibly make this particular space better? 

One possibility, particularly for those moms who prefer to mix up their own vinaigrette dressings, is a combination olive oil and vinegar bottle – two bottles in one, with individual spouts for each, handmade and striking in appearance.

Another possibility that stands out is a home cheese maker.  Why buy cream cheese or feta when you can make it yourself in a few hours?  These and other interesting options can be found in shops like Aragon 101.

The Spa Treatment

People will sometimes talk about taking a “spa day” to rest and recharge.  Well, why not actually take one? URA Spa offers a variety of services which can help any mom feel like a million bucks and get her energized to take on the world once more.

A Touch of Lace

It’s not just the kids that need to show their appreciation.  A good husband can honor his wife’s tremendous efforts by reminding her why he fell in love with her in the first place.  A visit to Gables Corset Shoppe offers possibilities to express that love and affection in a way that she will like.

For the Scrapbooks

Sure, every cellphone out there has a digital camera that can take high resolution pictures and send them out to family and friends almost instantly.  But perhaps giving Mom the tools to do something really distinct is one of those gift ideas that you might not have thought of before.  Head down to the Leica Store and find a camera that awakens the photographer in her, taking pictures that can be developed the old fashioned way and put into a scrapbook or photo album that can be held and touched.


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