Take Out Time in Downtown Coral Gables


By Patricia Guarch Wise, www.miaminicemag.com x www.shopcoralgables.com


Sometimes, you just can’t get it together to whip up a home cooked meal and your Netflix queue is calling your name, or the kid’s homework just can’t wait – that’s when it’s takeout time.
Sure, it’s nice to sit down in a restaurant and absorb the ambiance, to take your time with the menu and to start off the evening with a glass or prosecco or a mojito, but sometimes you need food and you need it quick.
Here are a few picks for takeout spots in Downtown Coral Gables that will hit the spot:
Pardos Chicken Miami is the master of all Coral Gables takeout options because they have a special “Grab & Go” menu designed for super speedy preparation and delivery. Get the whole family (or office) fed in no time with healthy and delicious options like rotisserie chicken, salads and Peruvian specialties like Aji de Gallina and Fish a la Plancha.

For fast, affordable sushi, go with Iron Sushi, where you won’t run up a bill building a platter of rolls, sashimi and sides. Obba Sushi and Sushi Maki deliver and have menus big enough to feed the sushi devotees in your house and the skeptics with staples like Pad Thai and Fried Rice.

Dig into a burger from BurgerFi, where they’re super fast and crazy delicious. The vegetarian option at this eco-conscious chain is just as good as the grass fed beef burger and the Cajun spiced fries are a must-order.

Nothing beats a Publix sub for a quick grab-and-go sandwich that will keep you filled for the whole afternoon. Order the chicken tender sub with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing if you’re feeling like indulging, it’s an off-menu favorite that’s mouth-watering just to think about.

If it’s a quick breakfast that you’re on the hunt for, pop into La Provence French Bakery or Chocolate Fashion for a box of pastries to wake up your loved ones. Nothing says “good morning” like an almond croissant.

Craving some home-style cooking that’s quick and easy to eat? An empanada is the answer. At 5411 Empanadas, Grazianos and Patagonia you’ll find typical empanadas (and not-so-typical empanadas) that are stuffed with delicious sweet and savory fillings.

Last but not least, we don’t want to leave wine off the list of takeout options. At Wolfe’s Wine Shoppe they’ll get you in and out with the perfect wine pairing for your takeout in a few minutes. Cheers! To fast and delicious stress-free food in Coral Gables!


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