Style & Bites: New Year’s Resolutions Are Easy To Keep In Coral Gables


New Year’s Resolutions Are Easy To Keep In Coral Gables

By Patricia Guarch Wise, miaminicemag.com x shopcoralgables.com


OK, you’ve promised that you’ll really stick to it this year – you can do it! And Coral Gables is here to help by making it easy to eat healthy and get (or stay) in shape.

Was your resolution to make this your year of getting a bit more green? Turn your mani into an environmentally-friendly luxury at GLOSS Organic Nail Bar, where the nail treatments are eco-chic. This space is just as much style as it is substance, you’ll be treated to aromatic oils and lotions and nail treatments using non-toxic, pure polishes.

If you’re already hitting the gym and regularly attending those yoga and pilates classes or running regularly, try to take your body awareness to the next level with InnateLiving Chiropractic or Jesus R. Masseuse. With a shared office space located right on Miracle Mile, they can help your body heal from any regular pain and uneasiness by bringing your body back into alignment. Massages and chiro sessions are both ways to relax, unplug and get some serious benefits to your body while you’re at it. Through music, aromatherapy scents, massage oils and expert tactics, you’ll reap the benefits of pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression and even alleviate chronic illness like high blood pressure and heart issues, plus, you’ll feel great. Everyone can use a little less stress in their lives, so why not book an appointment now and start your 2016 a little less tense? Now is the time to treat your body to relief.

Let’s get down to business here; it’s likely that your resolutions include hitting the gym. At Iron Tribe Fitness, they’ve developed a method for getting in shape that has their members coming back again and again. In fact, they tout a 97% renewal rate. There are only 300 memberships available at each location, that means hurry up and get signed up to secure your spot for their expert blend of personal coaching, body movements, healthy nutrition advice and community.

Here’s another option: Orangetheory Fitness. The craze that’s swept Miami has an outpost right here in Coral Gables. Fresh off some positive coverage from the New York Times, Orangetheory’s tech-driven approach to working out is proving to work for people across the country as it expands. You’ll wear a heart-rate monitor and your 60-minute workout is designed to maximize heart rate as you burn calories during the workout and even after during “afterburn.”

Just working out won’t work without getting your mind in shape too. At Mind, Body Weight, Susan Gerrish is starting from the top and taking a psychological approach to wellness. She uses eating psychology to help you find the healthiest relationship that you can have with food and help you strategize how to develop new patterns of eating.

Last, don’t forget that wellness starts with what you take into your body, so take advantage of the many options for healthy and organic eating all within walking distance in Coral Gables.


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