Gables Bites: Organic Cafes in Downtown Coral Gables


Organic Cafes in Downtown Coral Gables

By Patricia Guarch Wise, miaminicemag.com x www.shopcoralgables.com

By now, we all know the importance of eating organic, but we also know how hard it can be to ensure that the food we’re eating is of the highest quality. Here’s a list of organic restaurants, or restaurants with organic dishes, in Downtown Coral Gables and what dish to order:

  1. Green Life Miami Organic Bistro – Green Life Miami Organic Bistro brought an all-organic menu to the Giralda food scene that health-conscious eaters have flocked to ever since. Try the Miami Bee Honey Tuna Wrap, an albacore tuna wrap drizzled with local honey for a sweet kick.


  1. The Market – The Market is a unique kind of place. Not only is it a juice bar, convenience store and lunch counter, it’s also organic and uber health oriented. Try the What’s Up Doc juice, a cold-pressed carrot juice with almond milk, banana, maca powder, coconut masa, almond butter and lemon. They also have daily sandwich specials that are always fresh and always delicious.


  1. Giardino Gourmet Salads – Not everything at Giardino is organic, but we decided to include it on this list because an all-salad spot certainly deserves to be named in this bunch, plus, if you ask, they’ll let you know what ingredients are organic. The best part of Giardino is that the customizable options are endless, so you’ll never get bored of having salad for lunch.


  1. Seasons 52 – Seasons 52 only uses the best of fresh, in-season ingredients, that’s why you can always trust that the food is as nutrition dense and flavorful as it should be. Right now they’re serving the Autumnal Menu, full of delicious fall-inspired dishes like butternut squash soup and roasted mushrooms served with goat cheese. Don’t forget that Seasons 52 is the very best place in town to go if you’re dieting, they list all the calories right there on the menu, taking all the guesswork out of eating.


  1. Threefold Café – Threefold Cafe is full of people diving into their avocado toast every morning. Everyone knows it’s good. But did you know that you can check out their website for a list of all their local partners? They source eggs, meat, coffee, vegetables and more locally.


  1. BrickTop’s – The perfect season to enjoy BrickTop’s starts now. They have a wonderful, comfortable outdoor seating area and, when it starts to cool off, there’s no better spot than next to their fire pits with a glass of wine or a cocktail. Try the Florida Grouper served with a kale and quinoa salad to go with that crisp white wine.


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