Gables Bites: The Bar has the Newest Menu in Town


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By: Patricia Guarch Wise x Miaminicemag.com

The Bar is a Gables staple. Since 1946, The Bar has been serving quintessential bar food. I don’t know that their Ladies Drink Free Friday Happy Hour has been going on for sixty-plus years, but I do know that there have been lots of good times shared over food and drinks at this Gables classic spot located at 172 Giralda Avenue.

The Bar just re-launched their menu of bar food classics and gave it an updated spin. The brains behind the new menu is the same team of Josh’s Deli, an uber-cool spot in Surfside just across the street from Bal Harbour Mall.

Josh’s Deli serves Jewish deli food with a hip, artisanal spin. It’s amazing and delicious, new and classic at the same time (think: corned beef Eggs Benedict or a breakfast burrito with latkes and pastrami) – but it’s far.  It’s definitely too far for a quick Gables work lunch, and it’s a bit far to make it a regular stop in your restaurant routine.

They’ve taken a similar approach in the kitchen at The Bar. The essence of classic bar food is still there, but it’s a fun, modern and very Miami take on what the experience of eating at a bar can be. There’s lots of fried food, because, you know, that’s what everyone wants after a few beverages, but it’s thoughtful; the fried yucca and mozzarella is a standout appetizer that you don’t want to miss. The Bar’s old sliders have been updated to include Lamb and Foie Gras Sliders and Turkey and House Marrow Sliders. The veggie sandwich with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing brings in a bit of the Josh’s Deli flair to The Bar.

If you’re a devotee of Josh’s who just can’t bring themselves to hop in the car on a Saturday morning for their food (did we mention it’s a well-proven hangover cure), we don’t blame you. But if you don’t get over to The Bar to give their new menu a taste by the end of the week – well, you have no excuse.

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