Gables Style: Find Your Passion at Retro City Collectibles



By Patricia Guarch Wise of MIAMINICEMAG.COM

Seinfeld. The 1994 USA Basketball Team. Star Wars. The Beatles. Are you paying attention yet? Chances are, I’ve named something that you love. If not, I totally recommend carving out sometime to stream the first season of Seinfeld.

Before you go on the Seinfeld binge (or re-binge), you should check out Retro City Collectibles, a new addition to Mirale Mile. Retro City Collectibles has posters, figurines, cards and more ways to memorialize all your favorite things. I was recently gifted a set of X-Files trading cards by someone who obviously understands my true passion in life – Fox Mulder. Now I’m worried I’m going to wander into Retro City Collectibles once a week looking for that “I Want To Believe” poster I’ve been wanting for years.

If you’ve been looking for a new retail experience in Coral Gables, you can “Get Back 2 Yesterday” and find it at Retro City Collectibles. Add this into your routine when you’re looking to explore a bit in Downtown Coral Gables. There’s something here for everyone, including children who can take a walk down memory lane with you as you explain a bit about icons of a time-past like The Three Stooges, KISS and the magic chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

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