Gables Bites: At Anacapri, They’re Saying the Magic Words


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By Patricia Guarch Wise of MIAMI NICE MAG

Unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those people who can eat whatever they want and look exactly the same – so pasta isn’t on my menu every night of the week. But that doesn’t mean I love it any less. What I love about Anacapri Italian Restaurant is that they’re a traditional, no-frills Italian restaurant. That doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to bend the rules a little bit to accommodate for a healthier diet. That’s why I was so thrilled when I saw they offer whole-wheat pasta substitutes for all their pasta dishes. You have to go with a penne or spaghetti, but they’ll prepare it however you like-  subbing out the white wheat pasta for the whole wheat.

Anacapri is a staple for me; it’s somewhere that I trust and that I love, but I’ll be honest – I eat the same thing there a lot. I love the Pasta Alle Vongole – clams over linguini in tomato or white wine garlic sauce (I go with the latter). Now, I feel a little less guilty when I ask them to swap out the linguine for the whole-wheat spaghetti. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s still pasta but give a girl a break and let her enjoy a guilt free meal!

Speaking of magic words there are a whole bunch of other pastas that are trigger magic words for me. Tortellini. Gnocchi. Ravioli. Manicotti. Capellini. Lasagna. The list goes on and on. Pure magic.

For me, the magic word is “pasta.” You say pasta – I’m there.


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