Gables Bites: Small Tea Co. Makes Tea a Big Thing


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Small Tea Co. is a new space on Aragon that strikes a perfect balance of comfort, elegance, and delicious. The space is a modern alcove perfect for sipping tea with friends. Most notably, the design is quite sharp; it has a futuristic appeal without compromising the comfortable appeal of teatime.

There are multiple kinds of seating areas for you to choose from… are you feeling like sitting at the window on a stool facing Aragon? Maybe you’re settling in for a long catch-up session and want a booth to yourselves? Are you a large group? There’s a family style table right in the middle that can seat a substantial group.

What isn’t small about Small Tea is the tea menu. The food menu is a manageable selection of smaller plates (like arepas and tuna tartar) and sandwiches; the tea menu is positively gigantic. First, you’ll have to decide between hot and cold. If you’re unsure what kind of tea you want, check out the “Scent Station,” where you can give your teas a sniff and decide from nine categories: ayurvedic, black, chai, green, oolong, herbal, rooibos, mate, white. I needed a recommendation, so I went with the recommended “Limonana” a jasmine with mint and lemonade.

Small Tea’s slogan is “Headquarters for an overthrow of coffee,” but I know I can’t give up my good friend Americano. Instead, I see Small Tea as another great option to throw into the rotation. A new way to get together – now, I can ask someone to meet me for tea! I love that!

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