Gables Style: Your Gables Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2


Pineiro_Stephanie_ Gables Holiday Lights

By Patricia Guarch Wise of MIAMI NICE

It’s safe to assume that you probably have some gift buying left to do. Even the most prepared shoppers among us probably have a lingering name or two on their list. Here’s an idea – get the job done right in Coral Gables and then treat yourself your to a holiday cocktail (or two) at one of our many restaurants decked out for the season with extra lights and sparkle.

Those of you who haven’t even started shopping yet – I know you’re out there. This list is for you. I’m going to give you eight gift ideas that you can find right in Downtown Coral Gables; all walking distance from each other.

We’re a little over a week away from Christmas Day, so let’s countdown with eight great ideas!

1.)   A Leica camera. The Leica is a cult classic with a serious group of devotees. Give this gift and give a little nudge to the constant selfie-taker to step up his/her game.

2.)   A grooming. The Well Groomed Gentleman is a new kind of barbershop that’s opened on Miracle Mile. Give a gentleman in your life an old fashioned trio of haircut, shaves and a shoeshine.

3.)   A room upgrade from Bellini. Teens and tweens can be a hard age to shop for, but everyone can use an upgrade to their bedroom. Give their personal space a little sprucing with something new from Bellini, where they have a stellar selection of statement-making mirrors, rugs and more.

4.)   A bouquet from Flowers & Services. Flowers never fail.

5.)   A rug cleaning. Ok, this may not be the most romantic of all gifts, but I can attest to the professionalism of Grand Oriental Rug Gallery. A friend spilled red wine on a family heirloom rug and sent it over to these very talented experts and it came back better than ever. If you have an old rug with lots of memories and even more stains – this would be a thoughtful gift.

6.)   A back relaxer. If a good gift makes you feel good, Relax The Back is the ultimate gift buying spot. Anyone and everyone can benefit from something to make them feel better – especially your family and friends who log long hours on the computer every day.

7.)   Trinkets, candles and more classic gifts. The good people at The Rose Tree Cottage specialize in giving gifts with style. They’re expert interior designers, event planning, seasonal decorating and more – so whether you want to enlist them for a little gift or a full home makeover, they can help you get your gifting act together.

8.)   Meditation classes. Silver Dragon has beautiful and unique items for the eclectic, the bohemian, the world traveler and the healer, but they also offer a special, appointment only meditation service. This would be a great gift for the yogi in your life who is ready to take their meditation practice to the next level with some individual attention.


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