Gables Bites: It’s Always Time for Tea Ticety


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By: Patricia Guarch Wise of Miami Nice

The summer has everyone dreaming of vacations. Today at Ticety, a brand new tea shop and restaurant on Miracle Mile, it was easy to forget that I was less than a mile from home and was transported to a different place. I’m not sure where, but I liked it.

As expected on any sunny, early August afternoon in Miami, the sky opened up and it felt as if we were in the middle of a hurricane. My friend and I ducked into the beautiful Ticety space just in time.

We looked over the menu; the accordion glass doors were open and we could hear the rain around us – and I quickly decided I love this new spot. The décor is chic in a kind of comfortable Parisian way. In fact, with the rain around us and the menu of iced and hot tea, light bites, sandwiches and salads, it felt a bit like we were in Paris. But the tea, the rain, the cucumber sandwiches, it also has a bit of a London feel. Two of the walls are covered in plants and a large wooden bar stretches across the restaurant manned, not by bartenders, but by tea specialists.

My friend and I split a salad of quinoa, fig, and radish with a cucumber and dill sandwich cut into small pieces akin to tea sandwiches. It was a light lunch that, in combination with my caffeinated lavender tea, left me feeling energized and optimistic about my afternoon yoga class. It was very New York of us. Until I skipped that class.

While Ticety has a distinctly and palpably luxurious vibe, the prices aren’t as high as you might expect them to be, especially if you’re just having tea. Our pot was a nice shareable size, we each had a few cups and it was about $6.

Ticety makes me feel like I’m experiencing the best elements of the world’s most glamorous cities, but it’s right here in the heart of Coral Gables.

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