Gables Bites: Ten Fruits Opens on Ponce



By: Patricia Guarch Wise of Miami Nice

I don’t come to you with breaking news today, but it’s hot outside. It’s that time of year when all anyone can talk about is how hot it is, and small talk about the weather becomes kind of depressing. It’s not unusual to see dark spots across someone’s back or under their arms – even if they just stepped out of an air conditioned haven to cross the street.

It’s the perfect time of year to incorporate more juice into your routine. Besides the obvious benefits of a nutrition-rich diet (glowing skin, healthy organs and a slimmer waistline) you’ll find that a fresh juice has an instant cool-off power that comes in handy in early July.

Luckily, Ten Fruits, a favorite of the Downtown Miami crowd, has opened an outpost right here in Downtown Coral Gables for all your juice and healthy food needs. Ten Fruits, on Ponce, serves up a tasty assortment of whole wheat waffles, acai breakfast bowls, salads and more. Then, there’s the juice – you can stick to a simple, single fruit or get wild and try something like the Red Dragon- an agave, dragonfruit, banana and almond milk concoction that’s a beautiful bright pink color.

Feel good and look good too? We can’t wait to try every cool-down juice on the menu as the summer heats up.

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