Gables Style: A Little Leica Goes a Long Way


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By: Patricia Guarch Wise of Miami Nice

There’s a trend going on in the retail world that has me all excited: mixed-use spaces. Whether it’s the economy, or the rise of internet shopping, there’s something brewing in the retail landscape and I like it. Stores are starting to become a little more interesting, a little more free and they’re starting to do more than just sell a product. Sometimes, it’s a coffee shop in a boutique with a gallery in the back, or maybe it’s a boutique  hotel with a rotating list of featured artists. We’re starting to see spaces that are a little smarter, and a lot more ambitious.

Right here in Downtown Coral Gables, we have a really lovely example of this kind of unique space – Leica Store Miami.

Located right at the top of Miracle Mile, this modern, clean shop is a space where they sell cameras with quite a spectacular reputation, and do some other great things. The Leica is the photographer’s camera. This small camera packs a big punch… hold one in your hands and you can quickly tell that it feels nice. First designed in 1913 as the first small camera to use standard cinema 35 mm film, it’s a pricey little piece of equipment.

Leica Store Miami is more than just a store with a nice aesthetic; it’s also the host of photography classes and demos, lectures from visiting photographers, a gallery with rotating exhibits and a hub for the visual community. Leica Store puts together events like a bird photography group at the International Migratory Bird Festival, hosts a photography club and sells accessories like supple leather messenger bags and a selection of photography books.

We hope that doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes this multi-use store stay around for a long, long time.

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