Gables Bites: Bangkok Bangkok Gets Our Seal of Approval


Bangkok PadhThai

As a kid, Bangkok Bangkok was my favorite restaurant because we got to take off our shoes and sit on the floor. As an adult, this restaurant still makes my top ranks because of the well executed Thai food  – although, I’ll admit it, the ambiance still adds a few extra points.

At Bangkok Bangkok II on Giralda, you’re greeted by traditional Thai wood carved furniture and a formal dining room. You know, the kind with tables and chairs on one side and an open floor with low tables and embroidered cushions for you to sit on. Everyone knows the better side is where you sit on the floor, so don’t be surprised if you find all these tables full and the dining room with tables to spare.

The food at Bangkok Bangkok is consistently delicious; it’s fresh and herb-y and everything that Thai food should be. If you’re a fan of a good Pad Thai, you’ll find a delicious one here. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, try the Little Big Man- a whole fried fish that I’ve been ordering for fifteen years.

After years of visiting Bangkok Bangkok, my family brought a close friend here – she’s a Thai chef who regularly whips up multi-course Thai meals without breaking a sweat. We adore her and really value her opinion and we wanted to know if the Thai place we’ve been frequenting for so long holds up in her book. Good news! She loved it, and any Thai place with her stamp of approval should be taken very seriously. So, I’ll see you at Bangkok Bangkok sometime soon. I’ll be the girl sitting barefoot and cross-legged on the floor eating the Little Big Man.

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