Gables Style: Swimsuit Shopping with a Side of Sun


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It’s that time again. Can you feel it? Bathing suit season never quite goes away around here, but it’s about to be back in full force. You’ve seen it… your Instagram is starting to fill up with boat day pictures and boutiques are putting out their latest, greatest ‘kinis in their window displays. You’re tempted to amp up your bathing suit stash. We understand.

Add a two-piece or two to your collection of swimsuits from one of Downtown Coral Gables’ boutiques. Here’s a little guidance to help you pick out the right suit for the coming spring season:

The Cut
This season, the monokini, or one-piece suit with cutouts, is still going strong. Of course, the traditional triangle top bikini will always be a spring/summer staple, but the one-piece is no longer relegated to the conservative or body-conscious. It’s a great way to incorporate a little more of a “look” into your resort-wear. Consider wearing a one-piece with slouchy boyfriend jeans cuffed at the bottom and a button-down men’s shirt tied into a knot at the waist.

The Style
Stick to basic shapes that you know to be flattering, but look for unique textures and fabrics. A crochet-style top is the next big thing. Be careful when experimenting with new fabrics though. No one wants a big “uh-oh” moment where something is a little too sheer in an unexpected place.

The Look 
You know how the old saying goes, “Miami: We live where you vacation.” While we wouldn’t want that written on a t-shirt South Beach style, we do keep the mantra in mind when getting dressed. Why not treat every day like you’re dressing for a lux vacation? Don’t save those floral and tropical prints for a vacation day, whip em out and incorporate it into your everyday style. Take a hint from style spreads featuring exotic locations and bronzed beachgoers and dress up your swimwear with a tailored look.

The Buy
Cattiva Boutique, My Best Friend’s Closet and Curves N’ Waves are all rolling out their swimwear starting now.


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