Rules & Reminders for Merchant Backend


Here are a couple things to remember while editing your merchant page on www.shopcoralgables.com:

• When entering your business description, make sure you enter it as plain text. This can be done by clearing the formatting on Microsoft Word, or by entering your text in Microsoft Notepad.

• The “SEO” section is to help maximize your search engine optimization in Google. Choose key words and a key description that focus on your business.

• The “Advertising” section lets you add a jpg image above the social media section on your page. This image must be 200×200 pixels and can be linked to the URL of your choice.

• When loading pictures to your carousel gallery, you can only upload one at a time. Photos must be 1MB or less and will automatically be resized to fit inside the carousel. If you need help sizing your photo to 1MB, send us your file and we will do it for you.

Do not design one long carousel image, as it will treat it as a regular jpg and distort its size.

• When uploading your logo, please make sure it is 340 pixels wide. Any file smaller or larger will be distorted. Once it uploads, re-crop the edges with the select tool and click save. If you need help resizing or re-cropping, let us know and we’ll be happy to walk you through it or do it for you.

• You are allowed to enter your business under 3 categories only, and if you are a restaurant, “All restaurants and gourmet foods” must be one of them.

• If you need extra help, please click www.shopcoralgables.com/videos


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