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By Ginger Harris of http://www.electricblogarella.com

The statement necklace made a big impact this summer. But its time isn’t over just yet. In fact, a trip to L Boutique will yield chunky white versions of the must-have accessory. And with the fall forecast calling for even more of the black and white trend, a white statement necklace is exactly what you need to top off your look.

When it comes to arm parties, head over to Bloom for handmade leather cuffs from Accessories by L. Gomez. The Miami-made artisan pieces come in hues like blue, yellow, cream and nude and feature oversized button detail. Packing a boho-meets-rocker vibe, these cuffs are statement pieces for your wrist.

Big necklaces and bracelets might be the thing, but when it comes to rings, the trend is tiny. So tiny, they are called mid finger rings. And you wear them above the knuckle. Isa Boutique is now carrying the accessory in shapes like hearts, infinity symbols, peace signs and the word love. Or, just opt for a plain band.

Also at Isa, check out the new line of Samantha Wills boho pieces. The necklaces boast oversized stones, mostly turquoise, and the cuffs that wrap wrists in a way that can’t be ignored.

The best part, pair any of these pieces with the two-toned black and white pants from Alexis at Hip.e Boutique and you’re set for a well accessorized night out.


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