Gables Bites: Pincho Factory is Almost Here!


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By Riki Altman

After whirlwind success at the original Bird Road location, which opened nearly three years ago, Pincho Factory is planning to unveil its second location at 30 Giralda Avenue any day now. We chatted with owner Nedal Ahmad to get the lowdown.

Q: What is a pincho?
A: It’s like a skewer of meat. Or a kebob. It could be straight beef, chicken or fish.

Q: How did the concept for your restaurant come about?
A: Pinchos were popular at all my friends parties, and my brother and cousin and I said we should open a place with my burgers, [my cousin’s mom’s] pinchos and Chicago-style hot dogs.

Q: So you offer the traditional Chicago dog with neon green relish and sport peppers?
A: We used to, but they didn’t do well. So we still use 100 percent kosher dogs, but we made a more Miami-friendly version we call the Cartel Dog: bacon, cheese and mango sauce.

Q: Eww! Mango sauce on a hot dog?
A: Trust me—it’s great. The sweetness isn’t overwhelming.

Q: What do you expect a meal at Pincho Factory will cost?
A: The average check is only $10 to $14. It’s a great value.

Q: How do the two locations compare?
A: This one is a lot different than the other location. Gables has an exposed ceiling, wood walls, an open kitchen (more so than the other kitchen), grey and black Terrazzo floors. We’ll be open until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, too. It’s going to be a great local hangout.

Q: And you’re serving brunch?
A: Yep! Sundays only, 11 to 3.

Q: I saw you offer items like red velvet pancakes and banana bread French toast at your Bird Road location. What are some of your favorite menu items?
A: Ah! The Pastelito Burger, for sure. Two guava pastry buns with white farmer’s cheese on an all beef patty.

Q: I also read you offer craft beers and craft sodas. Tell me more.
A: We have 22 craft beers in stock and we rotate them seasonally. And 21 different sodas—the high fructose corn syrup-free stuff.

Q: Any specials you predict offering?
A: Our chalkboard specials rotate every two weeks. It’s just a list of what I feel like eating. Like, now it’s vaca frita grilled cheese. And during basketball season we offer $2 beers.

Q: For someone dieting, what might you recommend?
A: Our pita wraps and salad. You can choose from seven different types of proteins: steak, chicken, shrimp…

Q: And for those wanting to splurge?
A: The Toston Burger. The buns are fried plantains and with the Jack cheese and cilantro mayo it’s amazing. It’s our best-selling burger. Sales have even surpassed the pinchos!

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