Gables Bites: Gables’ Sweet Side


French pastry and macarons 05 Fork mdf lbBy Riki Altman

So your plans to slim down in 2013 aren’t exactly going as well as planned. Our advice? Give yourself a break, grab something sugary, and start all over again tomorrow. (Hey—we never professed to be dieticians, for goodness’ sakes!)

We know just where to steer you to get that sweet tooth fix, starting with Le Petit Café. Sure this bistro looks small and innocent enough, what with all the soups and crêpes on the menu, but then you’ll catch a glimpse of the pain au chocolat or the small, cylindrical canelés with their thick caramelized crusts and gooey custard centers and it’s all over.

If your palate appreciates French pastries then you’ll also have to head over to Le Boudoir, Coral Gables’ home to the finest macarons. Can you almost taste that sugary, eggshell-like crust dissolving on your tongue and the chewy, soft ganache interior of those prismatic prizes? Fans of the bistro stop by regularly to see what unique flavors are ripe for the picking.

Walking around in the heat—that oughta burn at least a few dozen calories, right?—will most likely make you pine for something refreshing and, for that, you’ve got Cocolimon Frozen Yogurt and its bounty of toppings. It’s the perfect solution for any craving: chocolate, fruity, tropical, peanut buttery… you name it.

Pasión del Cielo also pleases palates with its variety of coffee flavors and sweet drinks, like mocha chip frappes, caramel macchiatos and cinnasugar lattes. Frappes without coffee are available, too, as are fruit smoothies. Down a cup with a little Misha’s cupcake or a vegan cookie from Om Nom Nom and you’ll be good to go.

And last, but certainly not least, is the ultimate treat for a sweets grazing adventure. Head over to The Café at Books & Books, grab a secluded table in the corner, open up a long book (War and Peace, if you’re so inclined), and let the smorgasbord begin. Each day brings new delights here, but bookworms will always find the popular flourless chocolate cake, apple pie, butter cream cupcakes and a selection of cookies to start.

As for a toothbrush and the number to a good dentist, well… you’re on your own.


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