Books and Books- Perfect Gifts for Dad


Looking for that perfect gift for Dad, the one that lets him know you know what he likes, what makes him laugh, what makes him Dad? Well, we’ve got books for every dad.

Downhill Lie: If you want to understand the true lure of golf, turn to Carl Hiaasen, who has written an extraordinary book for the ordinary hacker. And if you have never played the game, think a birdie sings in a tree, and agree that golf is “a good walk spoiled,” turn to Carl Hiaasen, who has written an extraordinary book for ordinary reading. Drawn to the game by his father and now finding a bond with his sons in it, Hiaasen turns his unique humor and remarkable insight on a game that transcends games. Signed copies available.

Film Club: Not many dads would propose this: Drop out of school, son. And I’ll choose three movies a week for you to watch and discuss with me. But side by side, David and Jesse Gilmour watched everything from Akira Kurosawa to “Showgirls” and learned about work, drugs, money, love, friendship – and their own lives. Signed copies available.

American Son: Bring dad to meet Oscar De La Hoya on Saturday, June 14, 2pm, at our Coral Gables store. It’s the day before Fathers’ Day, and the perfect treat. Buy your dad a copy of De La Hoya’s new memoir, and come to the Golden Boy’s autographing.

For more information please call 305-442-4408 or visit http://booksandbooks.com


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