JohnMartin’s Single Game


On Friday evenings, JohnMartin’s Irish Pub and Restaurant is hosting “The JohnMartin’s Singles Game.”

When the band stops playing, the single players get going in this new, fun interactive question and answer game. Take a ticket when you enter JohnMartins and wait for your number to be called.

Once a player (male or female) is chosen, three contestants of the opposite gender will be called up. The three contestants will be asked to sit between a partition so they are not seen by the player.

The MC Host of “The John Martin’s Singles Game” will ask the player and contestants their name and introductory questions. The “player” asks questions to each of the three contestants. The contestants respond accordingly. Once the last question is asked and responded to, the player will be asked to pick one of the contestants. Contestants that have not been chosen will then come out from behind the partition to meet the player and will each receive a T-shirt.

The chosen contestant will be asked to come out last to meet his or her date and both the player and the contestant will each receive a prize gift.

The prizes will be announced and will be posted on the website along with the prize sponsors.

For more information, call 305-445-3777 or visit www.johnmartins.com

Be there Friday evenings to see it for yourself.


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